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Company News:4a zeolite
Time:2013-4-2 22:38:49  Views:96

Company News: 4A Zeolite
4A zeolite is composed of silica and alumina tetrahedron three-dimensional skeleton structure compounds, belongs to the cubic crystal system, cell center is A diameter of 1.14 A hole, it consists of A ring of 8 and six similar can be connected with the cavity, the 8 ring structure formed by free hole diameter is 4.12 A, referred to as the 4 A zeolite.
4A zeolite spread integration method with sodium silicate, active white mill, bentonite, kaolin and coal gangue. Sodium silicate method technology mature, easy to control, but the cost is high. Activated clay and bentonite method need to add the aluminum method, high cost, and equipment to corrosion. Kaolin and coal gangue is using its al-si ratio and the characteristics of 4 a zeolite is consistent, turning it into a reactivity of the metakaolin, and hydrothermal crystallization transformation in caustic soda solution, made of zeolite, but this process needs the high temperature roasting the original ore, energy loss is bigger, at the same time, also can produce a certain degree of pollution to the environment.
4A zeolite is a kind of non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, good white powder, have stronger calcium ion exchange capacity, on the environment pollution-free, is instead of sodium tripolyphosphate ideal without phosphorus detergent builder, surface adsorption capability, is an ideal adsorbent and desiccant.

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