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Specification of zeolite molecular sieve powder
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Huiying Chemical Industry(Quanzhou) Co., Ltd---Specification of zeolite molecular sieve powder

Specification of zeolite molecular sieve powder
Type Specification 3A Molecular Sieve 4A Molecular Sieve 5A Molecular Sieve 13X Molecular Sieve
Chemical formula K7.2Na4.8[(AlO2)12 NaO.Al2O3. Ca4.5Na3[(AlO2)12 NaO.Al2O3.
(SiO2)12]m H2O SiO2.4.5H2O (SiO2)12].m H2O 2.5SiO2.6.2H2O
Color &Shape White &powder White &powder White &powder White &powder
Cryctalline ~100% ~100% ~100% ~100%
Absorbed water >/=25 >/=27 >/=28 >/=32
Absorbed CO2% >/=22.5 >/=22.5
 Ignition =/<22 =/<22 =/<23 =/<24
 PH5% =/<11 =/<11.5 =/<10.5 =/<11.5
 Cl-(%) =/<0.2 =/<0.2 ?
 K2O(%) >/=13
 K2O/Al2O3(%) >/=40
 CaO(%) >/=13.5
CaO/Al2O3(%) >/=70
Bulk density  0.5 0.4 0.6 0.4
 Use Used in dehydration of ethylene,propylene and ethanol Used in dehumidification of oil-gas Used in air-purification and PSA Used in purification of air with air separation equipment, and separation of gas or liquid
※Determination of water absorption in the RH = 50% and under 25 º C in the amount of water per 100 grams of adsorbent
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