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The origin of zeolite and molecular sieves
Time:2014-2-26 10:07:22  Views:8
The origin of zeolite and molecular sieves
In 1756, the Swedish mineralogist Cronstedt found that there is a natural aluminosilicate minerals in calcination, crystal due to the internal water is out, produce similar foaming phenomenon of boiling over. He vividly called "boiling stone", hereinafter referred to as "zeolite."1932, McBain proposed "molecular sieve", the concept of the molecular sieve is refers to the material on the molecular size for screening of porous materials. Has uniform internal micro porous
molecular sieves, its aperture and general molecular size.Molecular diameter less than the material can enter the molecular sieve of molecular sieve pores diameter crystal, thus by adsorption, otherwise excluded, achieve the goal of for molecular sieve .Molecular sieve can be determined according to the different material molecular polarity of priority in the order of the adsorption. According to its effective aperture, can be used to sieve size different fluid molecules, this effect is called molecular sieves.
Although zeolite is a kind of molecular sieve, but it is the most representative in the molecular sieve. As a result, "zeolite" and "molecular sieve" these two words are often mix. In order to accurately express the category of the molecular sieve, should add the name of the material in front of the molecular sieve, such as zeolite molecular sieve, carbon molecular sieve, etc.
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